STOPline | CIMIC Group Online Disclosure
STOPline Online Disclosure is a service that has been established by STOPline and CIMIC Group for use by staff members, contractors and other stakeholders.  

This form is designed to allow you to provide us with information relating to the issue you are concerned with.

You may remain anonymous if you wish. You may also elect to provide all of your contact details to CIMIC Group or alternatively, you can provide STOPline with all of your contact information but not allow us to provide that information to CIMIC Group.
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Please note that if your disclosure relates to an issue that directly involves you (for example: you are the victim of workplace bullying), even if you elect to remain anonymous, the circumstances that you wish to report may tend to identify you. If you have any concerns that this may be the case for your matter, please contact STOPline on 1300 30 45 50 (Australia only) or select the option to pass your details on to STOPline (but not to pass them on to CIMIC Group) and we will contact you to discuss your concerns..
Having a way to contact you and clarify any details you have provided will often result in a better outcome.  As this is an externally managed service anonymity can be handled in a number of ways, please select the level of anonymity you seek in making this disclosure:


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Please ensure you include the area code or international dialling code.
Disclosure Details

Please provide as much detail as possible and try and complete all the questions to allow the information you provide to be acted upon or used in a beneficial way.
Date of the Incident

If the exact date is not known please provide an approximate date in the Disclosure Detail question.
Is the incident ongoing *

Are people at immediate risk? *

Is there an immediate risk of property loss or damage? *

Do you have an estimate of the monetary values involved?

Provide an estimate of the known, suspected, or potential loss or damage.
Where did the incident take place? *

Describe as completely as possible e.g. on CIMIC Group premises, external location, in transit.
Please describe what happened (the incident). *

Who was primarily involved in the incident?

List the first name and last names if known and their role within the organisation.  Where possible also list their role in the incident e.g. respondent, witness, victim.
Were you a direct witness to the incident? *

If known, how did the incident take place?

Include what if any controls were modified or subverted (broken) i.e. security tags removed, security cameras turned off, amounts under what is usually audited or checked etc.
Are you aware of any additional evidence that may assist in any subsequent inquiry into the incident?

This can be documentation that you know exists either with the organisation or that has been taken offsite; video footage; electronic records such as email, accounting records, text messages etc.
Are you concerned follow up action may identify you as the person making the disclosure?

This may already be apparent from the details you have provided, STOPline may modify descriptions ultimately passed on in order to minimise this but it is not always obvious from the descriptions received.

Please attach any supporting documents and evidence in relation to this disclosure, e.g. photos, sound files, reports. If you have additional material, please attach it here (documents, photos, pdf etc).